“Lizard Brain” as I like to call it, is the voice in the background stopping us from becoming human. It is the survival mechanism at play, hindering our progress at every turn.

When you speak in front of an audience, it is the lizard brain that makes your stomach churn. The lizard brain is the inherited survival mechanism. There are only two things he cares about: fighting and fucking.

We have carried this dark passenger with us since time immemorial. It has helped us stay alive, to reproduce and to fight. But it is utterly useless in the creative world. When you need to ship, to stand out, the lizard brain claws at your every move, evokes your deepest fears to try and stop you.

You have the neocortex, the advanced human brain capable of all sorts of magic. The lizard brain, however, doesn’t care. If you go on the stage and get laughed at, you are in for a huge trouble. You will be outcast. This is the story that the lizard brain feeds you. For the lizard brain, being an outcast is a terrible move. It makes you vulnerable to all sorts of problems.

Every fear of being outcast, of being laughed at or of failure is the plot of this dark passenger. The lizard brain is not human, to be human is to create new things even if they don’t meet your expectations at the end.

To be human is to acknowledge your fears while still marching ahead. You cannot shut this dark passenger it will be there forever, gnawing away at everything you create. The idea is to listen to it and ignore it. Accept that you are afraid and still push through because that’s what being afraid is all about.

It’s not easy. The lizard brain is hard-wired into our very DNA, that’s why we see more consumers in the world than creative people. From our economy to our arts, every section of society is polarized to serve consumers. Masses of men turn into sheep, and they cling to religion, consumerism, excessive consumption in their search for identity. To be human is to produce, to create art, to raise a rebellion. Consumerism has now become the identity of humanity as we know it.

There are no rules to creativity, that’s why the geniuses of the world rarely color within the lines. What people call out-of-the-box thinking is merely thinking like a human, and we are all capable of it. You just have to be very quiet and listen, really listen to what your human brain wants to tell you. To be human is to rid ourselves of these clouds of fear and self-doubt.

The crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the people who knew how to be human. These are the only individuals who challenged the status-quo because the status-quo only applies to the lizard brain.

Bringers of change, makers of man, the rebels of our society, they are never the ones who obey the dark passenger. Do you?